Motor Starter Protectors

3RV10 Motor Starter Protectors (MSPs) are built for a wide range of applications and meet the requirements of control users worldwide. Each MSP features a manual ON/OFF switch, a Class 10 adjustable bimetallic overload relay (Class 20 available in the two largest frame sizes), and magnetic trip elements for short circuit protection.

The 3RV10 MSPs can be used in a variety of applications;

  • As a Manual Motor Starter.
  • As a Manual Self-protected Combination Motor Controller, Type E.
  • As part of a Combination Motor Controller Type F.
  • As an IEC Circuit Breaker for export.

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Motor Starter Protector Products

3RV10 - Motor Starter Protectors

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3RA11 - MSP/Contractor Combinations

3RV1917 - Infeed System

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3RV17 - Circuit Breakers

3RA12 - MSP/Reversing Contractor Combinations