Disconnect Switches

Siemens Load Break Switches are listed as manual motor controllers and are suitable as motor disconnects. They are load break rated and act as enclosure disconnects when short circuit protection is provided upstream of the switch. If upstream over current protection is not provided, use a Siemens fusible Type VBII, CFS or MCS Disconnect Switch

Disconnect Switches Features:

  • 25 -100 Ampere, to 50 hp 480V and 600V
  • Rotary and Toggle actuation models
  • LBR Type switches are UL & CUL listed under File No. E191706 as manual motor controllers per UL Standard UL508
  • 3LD2 Type switches are UL listed under File No. E47705 per UL508 and are CSA certified under File No. 203576
  • Base, 35mm DIN-rail and door mounting
  • Multiple conductor, distribution terminal type rating LBR & LBT Type (40A -100A only)
  • IEC 947-1 rated, CE marked
  • Listed and marked “suitable as motor disconnect” per NEC Section 430-109

Disconnect Products

Siemens Disconnect Switches

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