Programmable Controllers

From production machines and system control to the plant wide automation – Siemens SIMATIC® controllers make innovating machines and plants easier and more efficient. From planning to completion, from configuring to diagnostics to maintenance – all with the one engineering tool.

  • SIMATIC Programmable Controller - much more than just a PLC:
  • Ranging from cost optimized controllers to complex system optimized solutions.  
  • Integrating seamless safety for personnel, machinery and the environment with failsafe capable controllers  
  • Enabling failure-free operation thanks to the redundant structure of fault-tolerant high availability controllers
  • Reducing interfaces with technology controllers for electrical or hydraulic motion control  
  • Utilizing flexible, open windows programming and reliable software PLC or slot PLC on PC-based controllers

From the best connections in distributed architectures up to total integration into the IT world and more.

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